Maroon 5 Ties Katy Perry’s Record When It Comes to No. 1 Radio Hits

Over the past decade and a half, Maroon 5 has succeeded in achieving successes that fans love, and although it may not accumulate almost like many broadcasts like other teams or its contemporary solo squad, the group dominates radio waves every time they have A new path to share. This photo, released in its latest release, reaches number 1, and with another success under the belt, the team takes a step forward in rating musicians with more radio rulers.

Maroon 5’s Memories ranks first on the Billboard Radio Playlist, which ranks the most played tracks on all radio stations in the United States each week. The song is the band’s seventh captain, which is one of the greatest sums ever. The group led by Adam Levine is now at the same level as Katy Perry and Asher, who have reached the top of the list seven times throughout their careers.

These three verbs are now linked together to get the fourth largest number of Radio No.1 songs, and none of them can advance again when they collect another major chart.

Rihanna, who is primarily safe with 13 songs from Radio No. 1, behind Maria Rey Carey, leads with 11 songs. These two women are still the only music that laid down the two-digit rules in the radio-focused list. Only the third is Bruno Mars, who reached the summit eight times.

“Memories” is supposed to be the first single from the next Maroon 5 album, although the band has yet to release a title or release date but Maroon 5 Chicago tickets are available now. This was largely due to his performance on the radio, and the song rose to second place in the Hot 100 at the end of last year.

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